This is the working site of the “Reading and Writing the Chinese Dream” research project, funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).  Chief Canadian researchers include:  Timothy Cheek (UBC), Joshua Fogel (York), and David Ownby (Université de Montréal).  FOR OUR NEW ‘PRODUCT PAGE’ GO TO readingthechinadream.com.  Our chief Chinese collaborators are Xu Jilin and Liu Qing, along with their students and colleagues from East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai.  Other collaborators include Gloria Davies (Monash University), Michael Hockx (SOAS), Jonathan Sullivan (Nottingham University), and Liu Jing (UBC Asia Library) among many others (see the People menu). The purpose of this site is to centralize information and facilitate cooperation among team members.  At some future point, this simple site will be transformed into a spiffier version, designed for public presentation.  At present, its goal is to help team members to do their work without sifting through countless emails and hundreds of dropbox folders.

For overviews of project goals as they evolve, see:

A summary of the original SSHRC grant application;

A document prepared by Cheek, Fogel and Ownby for the May 2015 workshop in Shanghai;



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